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Please? 'E'll be my little neko, an' I'll take care 'a him.

Hot cute?

Corrupting the world, one cookie at a time.

Please? 'E'll be my little neko, an' I'll take care 'a him.

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Our wee little corner of fandom is all grown up.

Yeah, that's right. There is now catboy!Darkside!badfic on FF.net. Tagged "daringshipping," the heathens.

If you're feeling masochistic, later chapters are definitely worth a skim for 'But how will I make Varon kissssss meeeeeee?' emocat!Yami and too-much-of-a-pussy-to-take-on-Amelda!Varon, now with 93% more fantastically rendered Steve Irwin accent.

In other news, someone needs to quit being lazy and get darksideshipping listed on the too tired for this listy thing. Get on that. Twenty-five cookie points to whoever does it.
  • Actually I just got an idea, but it'll have to be a collaborative effort. I think I'll leave in a new post.
    Eeek! Scary Amelda! Bad! *slaps bishie*

    Amelda: @.@ What did I do?
    Pearl: Beating someone senseless when he's not yours! What about Seto?
    Amelda: o.o' I don't know what got into me...
    Pearl: Psycho...
    Amelda: T.T Don't call me that! *wails and scampers off*
    Pearl: o.O! We didn't need to see that...
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