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ATTN: Fanlisting, ahoy!

Hot cute?

Corrupting the world, one cookie at a time.

ATTN: Fanlisting, ahoy!

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DA HAI ► just wanna be god;
I said now.

... Hah. Got you, didn't I?

I'm taking button donations. 8D Any Darksideshipping button 88px by 31px is greatly appreciated. Now I'm off to learn how to code and to build some kind of layout. Then we worry about content, because what's that worth if it doesn't at least look good? ~.^
  • ...Does anyone remember how many cookie points a fanlisting's worth? I'll make some when I'm feeling less lazy. Do we want text on these, or no?
    • Oh, oh! I do! Lots. 8D Um. Usually yes. I'm hardly demanding, but 'Darksideshipping', 'I said now.' or 'fan' making sure the image is of Varon 'n Yami works.
    • 5,000! 8D
      • *looked it up* Two for asking Ankhutenshi for something, ten for registering, fifty for starting the thing up. Not quite 5,000. 8]
  • Squee, V.S. 8D I ... can make a pathetic attempt at a button? XD;
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