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Drabble Meme challange!

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Drabble Meme challange!

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NRT Kawaii Chibi
Drabble Meme snagged from MOG, who snagged from KS
The idea: You request drabbles (500 words or less ficlets) in a particular fandom, pairing optional, provide me a line, and I'll write it.
1. I will only take requests from the fandoms listed below.

2. One request per person.

3. Request in comment, and I'll reply with a link to your drabble!

4. All drabbles will be posted with their respective fandoms. (Example: if I do two Fruits Basket drabbles, they will be posted together)

5. Please include following information: Fandom, Pairing/Character(s) and a line.

6.You may include het, yaoi, or yuri; but NO pedophilia or incest! I draw the line there.

THE FANDOMS: Yugioh, Fruits Basket, Cowboy Bebop, Rurouni Kenshin, Gravitation, Azumanga Daioh, and Full Metal Alchemist.
  • I pout at drawn lines. :P Right then! I'd be a good little girl and request from Yuugiou with the Dark Side, but then I'd be denying my true nature as a requester.

    RUROUNI KENSHIN, homg, and. Um. Well. Y'know. Thispairing'skindawhacked,butIamtooso... Shishio x. Aoshi. "I knew we'd reach an agreement eventually."

    ... Mwah. Have at it. 8D *is not completely and totally cruel, of course not*
  • ^_^ I'll reply again with the link as soon as I've written it! LOH!
  • Here it is! *sweatdrops*
    I had a hard time coming up with something, and I'm sorry if I disappointed you.
    • I had a squeefest. 8D ♥ Thanks very much, I loved it! I know the pairing is almost inconceivable.
      • That's a relief! ^^ I was trying so hard to put those two together! It didn't help that I haven't seen all of RK, either! I know the ending, b/c I asked my pliable cousin! Well, I'm glad you liked it! If there's anyone else you know that would be interested in a drabble, too, feel free to point them in my direction! ^_^ Thanks!
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